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Law Center: City Demands District Oversight, But Right Fight Is With Harrisburg

What John Street was forced to give away, Mayor Nutter is taking back: City oversight of the School District. Hidden in deceptively bureaucratic language, that is the stunning message of the request for an “Educational Accountability Agreement” Mayor Nutter sent to Chairman Archie and the other members of the School Reform Commission (SRC) last week. […]

Law Center Attorney Testifies Before SRC

In May 2011, Law Center attorney Michael Churchill addressed the School Reform Commission (SRC) in response to a report issued by the Accountability Review Council (ARC), urging them to sharpen their analysis of the Renaissance School initiative over the coming year.

Law Center Attorney Testifies before U.S. Department of Education Commission

In April 2011, Law Center attorney Michael Churchill spoke before the Equity and Excellence Commission of the U.S. Department of Education on the effects unequal school funding has had in Pennsylvania, particularly in Philadelphia public schools.

Law Center Recommends Changes In State Constitution To Make Education Mandate Enforceable, Funding More Equitable

On Wednesday, March 16th, Law Center attorney Michael Churchill testified in front the Public Education Subcommittee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Constitutional Review Commission at Widener Law School.

Education Equity

[PressOK-col-reg] School Funding Lawsuit Advocates Heading to Court Over School Funding – Public News Service, August 2, 2016 Your school property taxes are probably rising again. Here’s how much — and why – Philadelphia Inquirer, June 30, 2016 School funding creates divide in state attorney general’s race – Associated Press, May 28, 2016 Can More […]

Law Center Attorney Testifies Before The EPA Regarding Potentially Harmful Emissions Rule Change

In August 2010, Law Center attorney Adam Cutler offered testimony to the EPA in connection with a proposed new rule requiring further reductions in the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Law Center Comments On EPA’s Environmental Justice Plan

The Law Center offered feedback on the draft of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Plan EJ 2014, released for public comment. The plan, which pledges to incorporate environmental justice in all of the EPA’s operations, is an encouraging sign of the agency’s renewed commitment to environmental justice.

Study Co-Sponsored By Law Center Measures Economic Benefits Of Proposed EPA Rule

The Law Center co-sponsored an economic study released December 8th finding that without key pollution controls, pollution from coal-fired power plants is costing businesses in affected downwind states nearly $6 billion annually due to higher labor and insurance costs, lost work days, and lost productivity.

Law Center Attorney Testifies Before EPA On Proposed Emissions Rule

On Tuesday, May 24th, Law Center attorney Adam Cutler testified before the EPA in support of the proposed Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, which would for the first time impose national limits on emissions of mercury, arsenic, lead, acid gases, and hazardous air pollutants from coal- and oil-burning power plants.

Law Center’s Sonja Kerr Testifies before SRC to Protect Special Education Services

On May 31, 2011 Law Center Director of Disabilities Rights Sonja Kerr testified before the School Reform Commission (SRC) about the potential negative effects of the School District of Philadelphia’s proposed budget cuts from the special education budget.

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