Law Center Submits Public Comment Opposing US Census Citizenship Question

On August 6, the Law Center filed a public comment urging the Department of Commerce to remove the proposed citizenship question from the 2020 Census form. Our comments were among the more than 100 comments filed by organizations around the country. We contended that asking an untested question about citizenship status, particularly in the current […]

Take Action to Oppose Medicaid Work Requirements

We are joining the Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) and other organizations across the state in signing a letter to the members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, urging them to oppose Medicaid work requirements. 

Law Center Joins over 100 Organizations in Call to Protect Medicaid

The Law Center joined a group of 142 organizations in calling on Pennsylvania Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey to protect Medicaid.

Take Action on Potential Affordable Care Act Repeal

What you should know. Unlike our positions on certain of the nominees, we do not take a position for or against a replacement because Congress has not announced a plan. But there is a role for advocacy because there are certain minimum criteria that we should insist upon:

Pennsylvania falls short in provision of dental care benefits

In the State of Pennsylvania, children eligible for Medicaid often fail to receive the care for which they are eligible under Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) benefits.

Law Center’s Jim Eiseman Advises Florida Pediatrics Society on Comments to Health Care Reform Rule

As the Law Center has witnessed over and over again in our years of working to increase access to healthcare, the low payment rates that States offer providers who accept Medicaid patients, which are too low to entice a sufficient number to participate, create one of the greatest barriers to care for millions of low-income children.

Law Center Attorney Briefs Supreme Court on Medicaid Access

In August, 2011, Law Center attorney Jim Eiseman and attorney Louis Bullock submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Douglas v. Independent Living Center of Southern California, documenting for the Court how inadequate Medicaid payment rates for doctors and dentists have effectively denied healthcare to people enrolled in Medicaid.

PA has 7th Largest Gap in Utilization of Dental Care

A new research brief reports that Medicaid-enrolled children in Pennsylvania are more likely to see a dentist than in the past, but that their utilization of dental care still lags far behind that of privately insured children.

Law Center Urges CMS to Strengthen Proposed Medicaid Rule

On June 1, 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (“CMS”) published a proposed rule that seeks to improve health care coverage for millions of people.

A Long Way to go for Pediatric Medicaid Care in Pennsylvania

2015 summer intern Will Bryer summarizes a report saying that Pennsylvania is failing to adequately provide Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment to its children.