Statement of the Public Interest Law Center on Governor Wolf’s Voting Reform Plan for Pennsylvania

Governor Wolf announced comprehensive voting rights reform proposals that would modernize Pennsylvania’s election system, bringing the Commonwealth into step with the rest of the nation.

Straight Talk on Crooked Lines: Gerrymandering CLE Video

On September 28, 2017, we hosted a CLE seminar: Straight Talk on Crooked Lines – The Impact of Gerrymandering on the Democratic Process. Watch a video of that seminar.

US Supreme Court Hears Gill v. Whitford

Gill v. Whitford oral argument transcript

Proposed 2020 Census Residence Rule and Residence Situations

The Census Bureau submitted a proposal to continue counting incarcerated people at the particular facility that they happen to be located at on Census Day. If made final, this proposal will mean another decade of decisions in many states based on a Census that counts incarcerated people in the wrong place.

Pennsylvania Joins Electronic Registration Information Center

The State of Pennsylvania issued a press release announcing their membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a sophisticated data matching service founded in 2012 by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

The Law Center Participates in the Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition

The Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia is proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Voter ID Coalition, a non partisan campaign of nearly eighty organizations and advocacy groups which seeks to educate voters about the state’s new voter ID requirements.

Report Released by National Commission on Voting Rights

The National Commission on Voting Rights (NCVR) released a report addressing the barriers that are still denying many voters access to the polls.

PA Ranks 43rd in Center for American Progress Report Evaluating State-Level Democratic Performance

On July 7, the Center for American Progress issued a report and launched a website evaluating state-level democratic performance.

Illinois Making Strides to Modernize the Voter Registration System

Illinois passed a bill last night that officially replaces the state’s antiquated voting registrations system.

Voter Apathy or Voting Barriers? An op-ed on what factors still impede the voting process in Pennsylvania

Our friends Helen Gym of Asian Americans United and Marian Schneider at the Advancement Project recently had an op-ed featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding what can be done to make voting more accessible for all Pennsylvanians.