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Staff Attorney’s Areas of Law & Policy Expertise

  • Michael Churchill
    Education funding, education in state constitutions, racial discrimination, civil rights law, urban policing, housing discrimination, employment discrimination
  • Jennifer Clarke – Executive Director
    Voting rights, employment for ex-offenders, Medicaid access
  • Claudia De Palma
    Employment discrimination for ex-offenders and people with disabilities
  • George Donnelly
    Housing, evictions, source of income discrimination
  • Benjamin Geffen
    Gerrymandering, voting rights, employment discrimination for ex-offenders, Medicaid access, gun control
  • Ebony Griffin
    Urban agriculture, community gardens, food access, vacant land reclamation, community organizing, community lawyering
  • Darlene Hemerka
    Special education, services for students with disabilities preparing for life after school, workplace reasonable accommodations 
  • Mimi McKenzie – Legal Director
    Gerrymandering, voting rights, gun control
  • Mary Beth Schluckebier
    Housing, community lawyering
  • Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg
    Education, housing, consumer protection

How to Contact Law Center Attorneys

Law Center attorneys are experts in their fields of practice, with many years of experience as civil rights litigators and advocates. They are available to comment on their cases and areas of policy expertise for members of the press.

You can call our front desk at 215-627-7100 to be connected with any of our attorneys, and staff email addresses follow the format of first initial, last name [at] (ex. John Doe:

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